Welcome to Delta Life

Delta Life Insurance Co. Ltd. established mainly through the initiative of a group of Bangladeshi professionals then working abroad along with a few enthusiastic local entrepreneurs, started its operation in December, 1986 after the Government of Bangladesh allowed the private sector to operate in the insurance sector in 1984 to carry on the business of insurance in the Private Sector. A brief explanation as to the growth of life insurance business in Bangladesh is in order here. Bangladesh declared independence from the Pakistani rules on March 26, 1971 following which she had to witness a bloody liberation struggle with the occupation forces lasting for 9 months before they were defeated. Insurance business which was exclusively carried on in private sector before independence was nationalized after liberation in 1972 primarily to address the emerging situation of eroding public confidence in the industry that was left staggeringly short of resources in the face of huge losses caused by the war of liberation. >> Click here for more

Bima Fair - 2017

Ordinary Life

Delta Life offers a wide variety of ordinary life product/plans ranging from the most common endowment type to more modern and sophisticated plans like endowment with open term, pension plan with built in provision for increasing pension, >> More

Gono Grameen Bima

Delta Life first launched Micro Insurance product in 1988 through its Grameen Bima Project(GRB) to cater to the necessity of economic protection against premature death and of disability a way for regular savings for the poor and low income group of people living in villages. >> More

Group Life Insurance

Group Insurance is an instrument for providing life insurance coverage (protection) to a number of individuals under a single contract (policy) who are associated together for a common interest other than insurance. It is the most cost effective means toprovide immediate financial support to an insured member and/or his family in case of devastating events like-death, >> More

Health Insurance

Health Insurance is now considered indispensable in developed countries. In the present financio-social perspective of Bangladesh as well, Health Insurance has now become an essential, dependable, acceptable and the most cost effective means to make the modern treatment facilities affordable to all socio-economic classes of people, especially the fixed income group. >> More